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Archive 20.04.20 – 03.05.20

Dear Families

I hope you are all keeping safe and well. Having spoken to a number of families, I know what a terrific job you are all doing! It is challenging enough to be living in such close quarters let alone to educate as well. Most of our staff are in the very same position trying to keep families occupied, happy and fed! I take my hat off to you. I hope the Easter activities we posted on the website helped.

As you know the Summer term starts on Tuesday 21st April. As such teachers have been working hard to bring you new Home Learning packs. Please scroll down to Home Learning 20.04.20 to 3.05.20, where you will find them posted under each year group.

Each week has a different themed learning project. These are the same for each year group, to make it easier for those of you who have children in different year groups. We thought it would make learning together simpler and allow children of different ages to collaborate. You will also see that there are weekly maths, reading, spelling and writing tasks: aim for 1-a-day of each. There are also some additional links to resources should you be able to take advantage of them.

For those children who are working on objectives from other year groups, we advise that you choose a home learning pack from the year group that their class teacher has indicated your child is working at.

As I said in my last letter to you, the staff and I appreciate that each family has different circumstances. For example, some families have one parent at home and some have both parents working. I would advise to do the very best that you can. As I said earlier, we appreciate you are in a challenging situation.

We are posting Home Learning 2-weeks-at-a-time so that the materials can be adapted to suit your needs and also to reflect the uncertainty surrounding a return to school.

On that matter; I currently know as much as you do in respect of when we are likely to return to school. There is a lot of talk in the media of the government planning for children to return to school but we have not received anything from the Department for Education. I will of course keep you updated and let you know any official news as soon as I receive it.

We have also given some thought to the resources that you may have access to at home. As such we will make some exercise books, paper and pencils available to you to collect from school. Given lockdown I would advise you not to make a special trip to pick-up up some resources. However, if you happen to take your hour of exercise and pass the school please do take your fair share.

Each child may have one exercise book where they can do all their home learning. Also please help yourself to a pencil, a small pack of coloured pencils and some assorted paper. Resources will be available tomorrow (Tuesday 21st April) and Wednesday 22nd April between the hours of 10am and 4pm. You will find them in the school Reception. Please do adhere to social distancing advice to protect yourselves and others.

Just to say again what a terrific job I think you are all doing. I will end this letter with some wise words taken from a headteacher’s letter to parents which went viral:

“You are, and always have been, your child’s primary educator. If you decide that your child isn’t going to engage with anything sent home and is going to spend the entire period playing in the dirt, or baking, or watching TV, then that is your choice. That is your right. There is nothing to stress or feel guilty about.”

With admiration for all our families and very best wishes.

Steve Ginn


Reception – Oak Class (Mrs Burden & Mrs Wakeham)

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Year 1 – Ash Class (Mrs Harris)

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Year 2 – Beech Class (Miss Hilton)

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Year 3 – Willow Class (Miss Brown)

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Year 4 – Hazel Class (Mrs Fisher)

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Year 5 – Maple Class (Mrs Jarvis)

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Year 6 – Cedar Class (Miss Thornton)

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