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Class 2 – Beech

Welcome to our new Beech Class page. This page covers details for the coming year, with helpful guides on your child's learning journey.

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Miss Rachael Hilton

Miss Rachael Hilton

About Rachael

What’s your favourite book?
hmmm, as a child at primary school it was Kasper in The Glitter by Philip Ridley, I also loved the Borrowers and The Worst Witch series too. As an adult ‘The color purple’ Alice Walker and ‘A kind worth killing’ although I don’t find I have much time to read that often. I save it for the summer holidays!

What’s your favourite hobby?
I have lots of interests; all ‘active’ so it’s safe to say I love a physical challenge and love being outside. Exercise is so good for your mental wellbeing so I try to do something every day. I enjoy playing Netball for my team Phoenix A, swimming, walking, running, gardening, weightlifting and Crossfit. I would say currently Crossfit is possibly my favourite hobby as I enjoy getting fit, strong and healthy. I have made great friends and have begun competing in local competitions this year.

What has been your most exciting adventure?
Travelling to Australia and Thailand for around 7 months when I was 19. Gaining my open water scuba diving qualification was great too; the ocean is like another world.

Tell us about a job you did before you were a teacher….
I worked at Booja Booja chocolate factory! Although I was in the office I managed to sample the odd chocolate here and there!

What’s your most inspirational thought?
I often talk to my class about perseverance and determination so this fits quite well with that. Giving something a go, and working hard when things get tough is much better than never trying it to begin with.
“Persistence can change failure into extraordinary achievement.”

Mrs Catherine Skipper

Mrs Catherine Skipper
Higher Level Teaching Assistant (HLTA)


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