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Archive Easter Activities

Easter Activity Ideas –
04.04.20 to 19.04.20
Dear Families 

I hope you are all keeping well and adjusting to family life at home in these unprecedented times. The staff and I understand what a challenge this is as we all have families or people who rely on us. 

As you know, Thursday would have been our last day at school before the Easter holiday and normally the children would have a limited amount of homework to do. The rest of the time you would spend doing the things you love. However, we appreciate that this is not a normal Easter holiday! By the end of it most children will have been off school for at least 4 weeks. In recognition of that our wonderful staff have been busy putting together some suggestions for Easter activities for you to enjoy. Each year group has their own and they can be found on our Home Learning pages on the website. 

We are currently working on a solution to Home Learning after the Easter holiday. Just to set your expectations, our approach to providing you with guidance and resources after Easter will be different to those which we have already provided. Like you, our staff must work from home if they are able to and so I have instructed them to do so. As such they will not be able to print out packs as we did before. Our new Home Learning resources will be available through the website by the end of the holiday. 

The staff and I have been in regular contact to discuss how we might communicate with you and offer educational support going forward. We are considering a number of suggestions. As I mentioned, many of our staff have families and I have to be mindful that they will not always be available. Some also have poor internet connection and solutions like video conferencing, Zoom etc., would not be an option. However, we will continue to stay in contact via Twitter. Just to remind you, if you do not have a Twitter account you can access all messages via the website. I will also continue to send you letters. 

I hope that the Home Learning packs have been of use and that you find the Easter Holiday Activities inspiring. Most of all I hope you are keeping well and are enjoying some unexpected quality family time. 

Kind regards
Steve Ginn
4th April 2020


Reception – Oak Class (Mrs Burden & Mrs Wakeham)

Below are some ideas of activities which you may like to do over the Easter holidays

• Read/listen to the Easter story. You may have a children’s bible to read or you could watch the BBC clip below:

Twinkl also has a written version which you can download and read.

• Log on to purple mash, click on ‘Mini Mash’, ‘Enter Mini Mash’ and click on the Easter egg on the washing line. You can decorate your own. Click on the purple 3 lines on the left-hand side and click ‘save’. You can then save your work in your tray.

• Have an Easter egg hunt!

• Make an Easter card for someone in your family. What message can you write inside?

• Do some Easter cooking, you could make rice crispy/cornflake/ shredded wheat nests, Easter biscuits, traybake etc

• Make an Easter basket. There are various printable baskets online or you may like to design your own

• Handprint Easter bunnies

• Fingerprint sheep

• Decorate an egg template (twinkl), use a peg and cotton wool dipped in paint to create a pattern

• Make a lolly stick/paper cross and decorate

• Sing some Easter songs- hot cross buns, sleeping bunnies etc

There are a wide range of activities on the twinkl website which you can do if you are able to print. These include

• Colouring sheets

• Dot to dots

• Missing number sheets

• Templates for an Easter basket

As well as many more: and search ‘Easter’

Have fun and please send us photos on tapestry of some of the lovely things that you have been up to 😊


Year 1 – Ash Class (Miss Hoad)

20 Things to do in the Easter Holiday

1. Melt your Easter eggs and make chocolate crispie cakes
2. Blow out an egg and decorate it
3. Go on a minibeast hunt in your back garden
4. Make your own Easter garden and retell the story
5. Build a den in your room or back garden
6. Make a dippy egg and soldiers with an adult
7. Create a bunny painting using your hand print
8. Make a chirping chick pop-up Easter card
9. Create a random acts of kindness jar
10. Teach your adults how to say ‘Hello!’ in Romanian
11. Write an Easter poem
12. Make a frame for a picture out of egg cartons
13. Paint with chocolate
14. Create an Easter crown
15. Share your favourite story with your teddy
16. Learn to tie your shoelaces
17. Get crafty with loo rolls
18. Make a mud pie
19. Keep an Easter holiday diary
20. HAVE FUN!!!



Year 2 – Beech Class (MIss Hilton)

Here is a list of ideas to keep you busy over the Easter period. Don’t forget to keep Miss Hilton updated via our Twitter page @Beechclasseye2. 



Examples/ ideas/ useful links 

Ready steady bake! 

Bake something linked to Spring or Easter such as hot cross buns or chocolate nests. BBC good food website has lots of fun suggestions. Write up your recipe in a family cook book. 

Play games as a family. 

Challenge yourself and your family with an egg and spoon race or ‘pass the egg’ increasing the distance every time you make a successful catch. Or perhaps have a go at creating a team building game outside where you need to work together to get from one side of your space to the other using only 2 items to stand on. 


Plant some seeds, bulbs or plants. Can you label them? Can you write instructions on how you did it? Can you keep a plant diary and record how they change each week? Can you label any parts of the plant once they grow? 

Saving the planet in 30 minutes! 

When out on your daily trip outside take a bag, some gloves and a litter picker (if you have) and look after the nature in your environment by picking up bits of rubbish with the help of your grownups. 

Den building. 

Make a reading den in your outside space using fabric, blankets, sheets or towels. Build a cosy den indoors, crawl inside with a torch and read some books. Perhaps put up your tent for a family camp out! 

Movie Makers. 

Using Lego characters or other small toys, make a stop motion movie (download the app Stop Motion to your phone or Ipad). 


Try drawing in different places like under the table, upside down, in the bath (empty!) or in the garden. Doodle with lines or shapes or sketch what you see. 

Letter writing. 

Write a letter to a friend, family member, celebrity, sports person or someone you are just simply missing chatting to. Send it in the post or through the letter box on your daily trip out. Think how this will make their day! 

Go for a swim. 

Get your swimmers and goggles on and go for a swim in your bath! You may not be able to get to the local pool but you can use your imagination and have fun swimming at home! 

Make a time capsule. 

Add interesting and significant items to a time capsule that can be buried in your space or out in the local environment. Add things such as pictures, paintings, letters, photographs, objects of interest, newspaper articles. 

Have a picnic. 

Have a picnic lunch or even just a snack sitting outside on a blanket. Maybe toast some hot cross buns! 

Keep a diary. 

We know this is a strange time for us all but perhaps keep a diary to look back on in months/ years to come when we are all back to normal. Write with features of diary; remember the day and the date to write in the first person. Diary entries are a great way to record living memory. 

Audio books. 

Listen to a children’s podcast or audio book. Try Harper Collins children’s books website and Audible through Amazon. 

Make a bookmark. 

Press some flowers or leaves using parchment paper and heavy books then use them to decorate book marks. 



Year 3 – Willow Class (Miss Brown)

Stuck for ideas of how to keep busy and entertained whilst staying at home over the Easter holidays? Try some of the ideas on the Willow Class Easter Bingo! 

How many activities can you complete over the two weeks? Can you complete a row, two rows, or even the whole grid? 

Please tweet any photos of your activities to @EyePrimaryYear3, as I would love to see (and keep your eyes on the Twitter as I may be trying some myself!). 

Miss Brown 


 Create your own board game to play with family. 

Find some pebbles and paint them to look like Easter eggs. 

Make up a dance or fitness circuit based on Easter animals (e.g. hopping bunnies, skipping lambs). 

Have an Easter egg hunt... where each clue is revealed after solving a Maths question! 

Do some Easter baking – how about chocolate nests or iced Easter biscuits? 

Make an Easter card. Challenge: can you make a pop-up card

Build a den (indoors or outdoors) and read a book in your den. 

Decorate a symmetrical egg. 

Writing Prompt

What if the Easter Bunny was actually an Easter Dragon? 

Do a Wildlife Scavenger Hunt and record everything that you find. 

Create some ‘Wild Art’ – what can you make out of natural objects? 

Play a game with your family... no screens allowed! 

Make a ‘Multiples Egg’! 

Gardening: plant some flowers, herbs or vegetables in your garden. 

Writing Prompt: While hunting for Easter Eggs, I stumbled upon a magical 

egg, which transported 

me to... 

Make an Easter wreath (you could use craft supplies or nature!) 



Year 4 – Hazel Class (Mrs Fisher & Mrs Hare)

1. Create a tally chart for recording the birds who visit your garden. (Visit the RSPBwebsite for help with identifying them and ideas for encouraging them to visit).

2. Make Easter themed story stones and use them to tell stories to each other.

3. Create small words using natural spring materials found in your gardens / when out walking.

4. Do some egg experiments (those pictured were found at

5. Make paper mache Easter eggs or hot air balloons (

6. Use celery sticks to create rose paintings (

7. Make some marbled paper using shaving foam (

8. Make an egg sun-catcher using blossom petals (

9. Create and complete a scavenger hunt.

10. Make life-cycle wheels for wildlife/plant-life found in your area.

11. Get the kids to make you an Easter treasure hunt with clues (they could make things for you to find or perhaps could bake some buns/biscuits and hide those).

12. Get the children to draw a detailed plan of the house/garden and mark on their plan where you have hidden something for them to find (this could be an Easter treat /‘voucher’ for an activity of their choice / a letter you have written to them).


Year 5 – Maple Class (Mrs Jarvis)

Here are some ideas to keep you busy over the Easter period. Don’t forget to keep Mrs Jarvis posted via our class Twitter page @mapleclass51

The Great ‘Maple’ Bake Off
  • Go onto some of the links below for great Easter baking ideas
  • Bake anything you can, be as creative as possible
Gardener’s World
  • Plant some seeds, bulbs or plants. Can you label them? Can you write instructions on how you did it? Can you keep a plant diary and record how they change each week? Can you label any parts of the plant once they grow?
  • Build a den in your garden where you can read your favourite book
  • Create an Easter work-out for you and your family to complete
  • Create an obstacle course to keep you fit and active
Art and DT Mania
  • Paint a hard-boiled egg with an exciting pattern
  • Design packaging for your dream Easter egg
  • Create a ‘Wanted’ poster for the Easter bunny
  • Google ‘Easter origami’; ‘Easter toilet roll craft’ or ‘Easter sewing’ for some amazing ideas!
  • Make a time capsule and add interesting and significant items that could be buried in your garden or, when you can go outside again, in your local area. Include things like: pictures, photographs and or newspaper articles - make it personal to you!
Maple Writers
  • Create an Easter Word Search and get your family to complete it
  • Write an Easter Poem
  • Write a short story titled ‘The Night Before Easter’
  • Keep a diary of each day over the Easter Holidays
  • Write a persuasive letter to an Easter Egg thief persuading them to return the stolen eggs to the Easter bunny in time for Easter morning.
  • Write an Easter prayer


Year 6 – Cedar Class (Miss Thornton)

Easter creating 
  • Create an Easter wordsearch, cross word or quiz
  • Design the packaging for your dream Easter egg
  • Design a trap to capture the Easter bunny!
  • Create a ‘Wanted’ poster for the Easter bunny
  • Create a ‘Stop Animation’ Easter themed story (using the free downloadable app)
  • Research how Easter is celebrated around the world
Easter baking

Easter craft

Google ‘Easter origami’ ‘Easter toilet roll craft’ ‘Easter sewing’ for some amazing ideas!

Easter artwork