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At St Peter and St Paul, Eye Primary learning extends beyond the classroom. We offer ALL of our students an extensive range of enrichment activities. Opportunities are provided for pupils to learn new skills, develop their confidence and have high quality cultural experiences.

We provide children with the essential knowledge and experiences they need to be successful in the future. This involves creating opportunities for the children that will develop the knowledge they need. We want all children to have opportunities to visit museums, the theatre, have a range of after school clubs which extend the school day. We believe in providing very rich experiences in the Arts. We want our children to feel that there are no limits to what they can achieve.

Recently Science was brought alive for our pupils through a visit to the Natural History Museum.....please take a look at the attached document which captures many moments of awe and wonder!

Our pupils are well-informed individuals who enjoy experiences provided for them. It is a pleasure to provide enrichment opportunities for them.